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Live Act

What is the attraction of the live event? Why pack stadiums to see a live band play, or a person speak, when the venue is so enormous you can barely discern live moving figures on the stage?  Why overfill a club to hear the live performance of an album when you know the musician’s input […]


Now that the hubbub of Blaubart, a recent musical theater project, is subsiding, I can settle back into the uncertainty of finding my own (questionably) meaningful path as a writer, sound artist, critic, person. To that end I frequented the monthly Certain Sundays at where artists of the experimental musician ilk commune.  Honestly the main […]


easter is a time for renewal, and budding growth.  but buds aren’t the only things springing out of their cold winter sleep.  the people of the neighborhood are emerging as well, and with them a whole new soundscape. predominant are the wooshing of cars with the increase in traffic (pleasure drivers, families going to the […]

Sound Space

hello this is a new sound space