A listener, writer, researcher and sound artist, my interest is in hearing perspectives in personal and urban sound space, site specific works, and audio culture. I studied music and then philosophy as an undergraduate at Bard College, NY and completed a Sound Studies masters degree at the UdK (University of Arts) in Berlin. There, I specialized in Auditory Culture under Sabine Sanio and Experimental Sound Installation under Sam Auinger.

In 2021 I completed my PhD, “Listening Practices for Urban Sound Space” at SARC (Sonic Arts Research Centre) at Queen’s University in Belfast, with Recomposing the City, research group led by Dr. Gascia Ouzounian and Dr. Sarah Lappin. My project used methods drawn from sound studies and sonic arts, such as conversational soundwalks, to explore inhabitant’s sonic experience of Belfast City with an ear toward potentials of urban sound planning.

I have been active in numerous musical groups and performances over the years, such as UMBRELLA, a sound art collective, and HIVE choir, in Belfast, and play violin in various contexts.

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