Impulse – – Response (Lost in Postpoetry)

I collaborated on a performance evening with three poets.  My work was a multi-room speaker installation for which I made three pieces:

1. Impulse Reponse: a brief introduction to finding resonant frequencies in 3-5 parts. (a performative piece with recorded voice)

Impulse response is a method of measuring space in sound.
A short burst or brief signal is used to activate the resonant frequencies.
The response curve is a description of a reaction of a dynamic system:
a room, its walls and their resonances.

2. technical failure/failure of technique (a multi channel composition)

3. breathing speakers (an interim atmosphere)

I had prepared the compositions so that they could run almost autonomously for the performance, but when the time came an interesting thing happened.  I found that I actively performed the compositions much more than I intended.  I switched parts around, repeated sections, added and deleted tracks, changed the structures, fiddled with volumes and speaker balances, all in response to the situation in the moment.  In the end I was glad to have the possibility of this live-compositional leeway.

See this part of the Lost in Postpoetry website here

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