Personal Sound Space (The Exhibition)

Instructions: A personal sound space will be exhibited in a personal space (e.g. a private apartment). The auditory impressions of a particular individual will be documented within that location over the space of a few days and catalogued for exhibition. At the exhibition a selection of the various sound phenomenon or sonic effects are to be shown, indicated for the observation and interpretation of the visitors through the use of signs.

sign in (the exhibition) (The Exhibition) was meant as a translation of the theoretical ideas of Personal Sound Space (The Thesis) into artifact form. The various parameters of the written concept were insinuated, implied, indicated and codified through material means within the physical space.

The main format was a set of gallery plaques that pointed to catalogued elements of the artists personal sound space, which may or may not coincide with the visitor’s sonic reality.  Visitors become a direct participant in The Exhibition, as the sound space exhibited is fulfilled and contradicted by their actions.

References to concepts from the text not only took the form of written signs, but also planted objects and structures. For example, by the use of a private apartment the issue of intrusion and territory is insinuated on a fundamental level. Visitors are asked to intrude, making public what is normally private.  Underlying the use of the space as a ‘gallery’ for the artifacts of a personal sound space, are the niches and everyday objects of a personal life not meant for display: kitchen utensils, underwear, tools, to-do lists etc.  The line of what is insinuated and what is natural is made almost indiscernible, like the boundaries of a sound space itself.

Elen Flügge 2011

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